ConDragon optimization upgrades and welfare activities are here, dragon warriors remember to check

Brave Dragon Warriors:

First of all, thank you very much for your support to ConDragon. We plan to upgrade the server and make optimized updates for the following content:

1.Optimized the attributes of the suit;
2.Optimized equipment attributes;
3.Optimized the game experience.

Update time: UTC 14PM 04/21/2021 ~ UTC 18PM 04/21/2021

In order to thank the community for their support, within 1 working day after this update, a bonus package will be airdropped to all players: 2000 Runestones + Advanced Identification Ticket * 2+ Level-1 Critical Strike + Unlock the monster book “Dragon Scorpion”.

At the same time, we will start dual welfare activities, click on the link to view the details of the activity:ConDragon - The first DeFi+NFT+RPG game on Conflux

Warm reminder: In order to avoid the loss of on-hook income, please exit the map in advance before updating.

The welfare package will be distributed to the in-game backpack within 1 working day after the update is completed. Please check it carefully.

Thanks again to the community members for their understanding and support, we will continue to work hard to bring you a better gaming experience!

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