ConDragon NFT upgrade system

Conflux’s first NFT+DEFI+RPG game, ConDragon, was launched on MoonSwap, and the total prize pool currently exceeds 363K cMOON.

In stage 15, the ConDragon NFT lottery probability and the mining weight of ConDragon NFT are announced as follows:
ConDragon NFT upgrade system and deflation will be online at UTC 10AM, DEC 29th. ConDragon will give 10 S-level ConDragon NFT out to encourage participation.

Campaign duration: Dec. 29 - Dec. 31, 2020


  1. Upgrade at least 10 A-level or B-level ConDragon NFT to 4-level and the owner will be rewarded with an S-level ConDragon NFT;

  2. Upgrade at least 1 S-level ConDragon NFT to 4–level and the owner will be rewarded with an S-level NFT;

  3. After meeting the above-mentioned requirements, please send send your Conflux address to @ConDragon. You will be able to claim your rewards after the successful verification, first come first served.

Each 4-level ConDragon NFT can only be used once in the event, and we will announce information in real-time in the community (QQ group, Twitter, etc.).


27 S-Level NFT to win a S-Level NFT, Good Luck lol

never cmind