ConDragon NFT purchase and rebate ranking

Conflux’s first NFT+DEFI+RPG game, ConDragon, was launched on MoonSwap, and the total prize pool currently exceeds 125K cMOON.

The pre-sale of ConDragon NFT in the first 4 stages was successfully concluded.

The ranking rewards of purchase quantity are as follows:

Rebate amount ranking rewards are as follows:

First of all, congratulations to the users on the above list of winners for their support of ConDragon, but our event has not ended there yet.

Next, we will successively launch 10 sessions of blind box pre-sales that are lower than the price after the game is officially launched, and give a detailed description of ConDragon NFT. At the same time, we will also perform data interpretation on NFT farming, in-game battles, and synthesis.