ConDragon migration plan

Brave dragon tribe warriors:

ConDragon will set sail for the new continent on July 13th. It is a great honor to spend a period of time fighting side by side with you. At the same time, in order to thank the warriors for their support, we decided to start the migration operation.

Between July 13th 19:00 and July 16th 19:00, ConDragon warriors can fill in the form (link) on the event page of the official website and pledge a dinosaur NFT of any grade under their address, each address Only fill in one first-level dinosaur NFT (SSS Dragon does not participate in the event). After filling in, we will open an airdrop to the address filled in the form after 19:00 on July 16th. After completion, you can directly view the mapped NFT on the BSC chain. , Then all the dinosaur NFTs corresponding to the Conflux chain will be destroyed.

Note: The address for filling in the form must be pledged to the migration contract with the corresponding NFT. After pledge, it cannot be retrieved, and the content of the form cannot be changed after submission.

The migration operation is limited to the addresses of the first 500 who fill in the form. Please participate actively, let us work together again to start a new journey (in the future, we will also gradually support the migration of assets on BSC back to Conflux).

Contact Us:
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @BiDragon_Official
Twitter: @BiDragon_BSC

hi. heroes and items can be migration on BSC?

They can’t

This is bad. I guess on Conflux the condragon will die quickly. since new players will go exactly to Bidragon. and those who invested in Condragon will be left with nothing.

add the ability to transfer your character with items to another network, whoever wants.

Hello. When the migration plan started my S dragon was in the raid and I asked to finish the raid so I could send him to the BSC. The dragon was indeed removed from the raid, but it was completely removed. Now it is not in the wallet at all or anywhere else. Can you check my wallet and get my dragon back? cfx: aatx12jkc53dxymswy6ezdmnbjan9mc3e2ty01a3ub