ConDragon is about to start the "New Era of Expedition", and the 3 events will give away gifts!

ConDragon “Expedition” gameplay will be launched soon. Dragon warriors can send your Dragons to adventure and bring back rich rewards. In order to welcome the arrival of the “New Era of Expedition”, we will simultaneously launch 3 events:

1.Expedition Blind Box Big Show

ConDragon will restart the blind box sales, with a lower price and higher bonus rate. 70% of the blind box sales will go to the mining pool.

Blind Box amount: 628

Time: UTC 5:30AM, 03/23/2021 ~ Game Open

Level Dragon bonus rate: 2.55%

Price: 38cMOON/21FC/52CFX

2.Expedition Adventure

Time: UTC 12PM, 03/23/2021 ~ 12PM, 03/25/2021

Dispatch NFT to collect rewards

  1. During the event, users who dispatch any NFT to march can get 100 Runestone + C-level materials (random)

  2. Dispatch different types of dragons to get different rewards

Dispatch SSS-class dragons on the battlefield to get A-class materials * 2+1000 runestones

Dispatch an S-level dragon to go out for 1 time to get A-level materials + 800 runestones

Dispatch A-level dragon to go out for 1 time to get B-level materials * 2+500 runestones

Dispatch a B-level dragon and get C-level materials * 2+100 runestones once

Note: Dispatch dragons of different levels to the same address can accumulate rewards. Each reward can only be obtained once per address, and the reward will be issued within 3 working days after the end of the event.

3.Golden Dragon Eggs

Time: UTC 5:30AM, 03/23/2021 ~ 5:30AM, 03/25/2021

During the event, the top 10 addresses with the most synthetic Dragon Stones will receive Llimited NFT + Massive Runestones

TOP1: S-Level NFT + 2000 Runes

TOP2: A-Level NFT + 1000 Runes

TOP3: B-Level NFT *2 + 300 Runes

TOP4-10: B-Level NFT + 300 Runes

Tips: During the event, if multiple addresses have the same number of synthesis times, the time of the last synthesis order shall prevail, and the first synthesis order will be rewarded.

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