ConDragon Equipment Introduction (II)

There are 12 types of leather armors, including 2 types of ordinary leather armors, 3 types of excellent leather armors , 3 types of rare leather armors, and 4 types of legendary leather armors. Leather armors specifically include: Novice Leather Jacket, Burqa, Viking Tabard, Robin Hood’s Cloak, and Seven Stars Ladybug Clothes, Suldan’s Leather Armor, Crocodile Leather Armor, Pumpkin Hood, Golden Python Leather Armor, Snow Clothes, Battlefield Heart: Leather Armor, Seven Sins: Greed.

There are a total of 12 types of chain armor, including 2 types of ordinary chain armor, 3 types of excellent chain armor, 3 types of rare chain armor, and 4 types of legendary chain armor.Chain armors specifically include: Chain Mail, Heavy Metal Armor, Stone Scale Battle Armor, Bone Armor, Tiger Battle Armor of the King, Battle Armor of the Giant of Light, Glory of Feld, Battle Armor of the Dragon Slayer, Ten Thousand Years: Ice, Battle Armor of Void Space, Battlefield Heart: Heavy Armor, Hell Gatekeeper.

There are 12 types of Jewelry, including 2 types of ordinary Jewelry, 3 types of excellent Jewelry, 3 types of rare Jewelry, and 4 types of legendary Jewelry. Jewelry specifically includes: Stone Ring, Stone Necklace, Lucky Ring, Magic Necklace, Gem Ring (blue), Gem Ring (red), Emerald Necklace, Noble Ring, Noble Necklace, Redemption Ring, Battlefield Heart: Jewelry, Uroborus Necklace.

There are a total of 12 types of head equipment, including 2 types of ordinary head equipment, 3 types of excellent head equipment, 3 types of rare head equipment, and 4 types of legendary head equipment, including: Forest Head Ring, Elf Hood, Ranger’s Certificate, Crown, Wizard Hat , Neon Venetian Mirror, Face Defense Device, Kidd’s Hat, Chief’s Headgear, Night Mask, Battlefield Heart: Head Decoration, Sea Prince’s Headgear.

There are 12 types of auxiliary equipment, including 2 types of ordinary auxiliary equipment, 3 tyeps of excellent auxiliary equipment, 3 types of rare auxiliary equipment, and 4 types of legendary auxiliary equipment. Auxiliary equipment specifically includes: Dart, Psychedelic Ball, Magic Card, Milk from Miss Jing’s House, Magic Conch, Royal Navy Badge, Cursed Doll, Beast’s Claw, Truth Compass, Emerald Statue, Battlefield Heart: Auxiliary equipment, Fan of Fire.

Equipment S ource:

Players can use materials to make the equipment they need.
Players can also spend a certain amount of FC\CFX\cMOON in the market to buy the equipment they need from other players.

Equipment Usage:

[1] Use equipment and wear to enhance the abilities of the character.
[2] Sell idle equipment in the game in the market to earn FC\CFX\cMOON.

[3] Players can also click the button with the word “Recycling” in the upper right corner of the equipment backpack, and then select the idle equipment for recycling and exchange it for the “Runestone” in the game. (S-class equipment cannot be recycled)
Equipment D etails:

[1] Like the material backpack, the capacity of the equipment backpack is also limited, generally 32 slots. When the equipment backpack capacity is not enough, players can spend cMOON\FC\CFX to expand the backpack capacity.
[2] The price at which players sell equipment on the market is set by the players themselves, so there will be a phenomenon that the same equipment is marked with different prices in the market. When purchasing equipment, players can refer to the cMOON\FC\CFX price in the equipment manual to purchase, or they can directly choose the cost-effective purchase in the market.

[3] When players sell equipment in the market, the market will charge a certain percentage as handling fees.

[4] Equipment can be synthesized. After the equipment is synthesized, the equipment experience of synthesized equipment will be increased.

[5] When the value ratio of equipment experience reaches 1, players can click on the bottom right to use runes or dragon soul gems to upgrade their equipment. After the equipment is upgraded, the overall value of the equipment will increase.

[6] Generally speaking, the equipment with the words “Warrior”, “Mage”, and “Prophet” appended to the name is proprietary equipment. For example, Yehua (Warrior) equipment can only be used by fighters; When the name of the equipment appears universal,it means that it is a universal equipment,which all characters can use.
[7] There is no causality between the level of use of the weapon and the attack power of the weapon. For example, the Practice Wooden Sword used by the Soldier Sheldon Level 1 for battle has 5 more points than the Wood Axe used by the level-3 characters for battle.