ConDragon Blind Box

ConDragonNFT will be sold in 14 stages, with different prices and quantities in each stage. The earlier you buy, the lower the price.

The total amount of ConDragonNFT sold in the first stage is 1857, and the price is 50cMOON/25FC/50CFX.(Testnet account)

Each stage has a start and end time.

This is the remaining amount of ConDragon NFT at this stage. There will be 1857 NFTs in total.

If you don’t have cMOON, you can buy cMOON in MoonSwap.

Click [Buy Now] to call your wallet and pay cMOON.

After the payment is successful, a random ConDragonNFT will be sent to you.

You can copy the link to invite your friends to participate in the sale of ConDragon NFT

Why is there more than 14 stages? Not cool to lie.