ConDragon Blind Box Stage 17

Conflux’s first NFT+DEFI+RPG game, ConDragon, was launched on MoonSwap. The total prize pool exceeded405K cMOON.

In the third phase, the ConDragon NFT lottery probability and the mining weight of ConDragon NFT are announced as follows:

ConDragon Prepared Surprise Gifts for you!
Activity 1:Time-Limited Offer

Time: Jan.1, 2021 - Jan.3, 2021, UTC+8


The 17th to 20th round of sales will be released soon. The buyer with the most purchases during the first three hours of each round will be rewarded with an S-level ConDragon NFT. And the biggest buyer of each hour following will be rewarded with an A-level ConDragon NFT.

Activity 2: Limited customization ConDragon NFT

Time: Jan.1, 2021 - Jan.3, 2021, UTC+8


  1. We will put NFT numbered 555, 666, and 777 respectively in three stages of blind box events;

  2. Users who have drawn the ConDragon NFTs with the above three numbers can contact @ConDragon to change their NFT background picture;

  3. The user can provide any picture as the background of the NFT (not including sensitive information);

  4. DIY ConDragon NFT can be used to synthesize the SSS-level NFT. It will not be burnt after the successful synthesis.

Activity 3: New Year Airdrop


  1. Download DappBirds decentralized wallet;

  2. Find the candy box on the homepage and use DB to swap directly;

  3. Use 1000DB to swap for a C-level ConDragon NFT, limited to 100 pieces.

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Happy New year with Moonswap