ConDragon Blind Box Stage 13

Conflux’s first NFT+DEFI+RPG game, ConDragon, was launched on MoonSwap, and the total prize pool currently exceeds 327K cMOON.
In stage 7, the ConDragon NFT lottery probability and the mining weight of ConDragon NFT are announced as follows:
The ConDragon NFT “Level-UP” system will be launched soon. The mining weights of NFTs of different levels (1~4) are as follows:

At the same time, we will increase a certain percentage of the locked amount required to unlock NFT mining positions, and the currently unlocked NFT mining positions will not be affected.

how much will the unlock mining positions increase?

how many stages are planning? I saw 14 stages at the first notice, now I see the tab title of 16th stage on lottery page

I want to say I read that there is 17-18 stages. I will double check this to confirm

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what are the conditions for increasing the level?