ConDragon Blind Box Stage 11

Conflux’s first NFT+DEFI+RPG game, ConDragon, was launched on MoonSwap, and the total prize pool currently exceeds 265K cMOON.

Christmas is here, Christmas tree, Christmas meal, and of course Santa’s gifts are indispensable. ConDragon also prepared a heart-warming NFT gift for you to celebrate Christmas.

This time (Stage 11) 60% of the blind box sales went into the bonus pool, and we put in 150 Christmas ConDragon NFTs. Collect 14 different types of Christmas ConDragon NFTs from 10AM on December 25th to 10AM on December 28th, contact @ConDragon, and transfer the collected Christmas ConDragon NFT to him, then the SSS-level ConDragon NFT of Christmas elements will be released in limited quantities on a first-come, first-served basis.

In stage 11, the ConDragon NFT lottery probability and the mining weight of ConDragon NFT are announced as follows:

Nice, better odds for an S :clap:

Hi all.
I got a problem during the puchasing. I tried to buy 3 blind box but failed. However I lost my cmoon. Somebody tell me how to contact the admin.

This is a display problem, the actual record of the dinosaur arrival can be viewed on the chain

I refreshed few times, but still my NFT wallet got nothing.

I saw the error message “Purchase failed”, then, what should I do, if this is just display problem. And I like you to let me know how to contact the admin for this.

Finally I saw my condragons. Thank you @condragon, It looks this takes some time.

Has returned to normal

It’s a display problem. It’s been resolved. You can check it in the backpack.

I’ve collected 14 Christmas condragon. How can I get sss condragon ?

please contact @ConDragon on Discord: ConDragon