Compensation notice

Brave heroes:
Thank you very much for your support to ConHero. Hero blind boxes were sold out within 20 mins. After receiving suggestions from community users, we will make the following 2 adjustments:

1.For the price change of the blind box in the first stage of Genesis, we will compensate. For users who use FC to pay, 50% of the 3 FC that pay more have entered the ConHero NFT Mining Pool, 5% entered the Ranking Mining Pool, 5% entered the Party Mining Pool, 5% will be rewarded as invitation, 15% entered the treasure box, and 20 % is the project team revenue. In order to apologize, we will airdrop all the 3 FCs we paid to users. In order to apologize, we will compensate all the FC users overpaid to the corresponding users.

:blush: For all accounts using FC to purchase blind box, the compensation airdrop for the difference has been completed. Please pay attention to the players using FC to purchase the first phase of conhero blind box. Finally, thank you for your support for conhero game.

  1. HeroNFT mine production speed will be increased by 5 times

Thanks to the support of community members, we will continue to bring you a better experience, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Discord: League of Heroes