CoHero League Recruitment

Recruit the deputy leaders

The ConHero game is coming soon. We plan to recruit 10 deputy leaders to develop the community and collect community feedback and suggestions. Everyone can participate. After the leader or the first deputy leader is reviewed, the 10 qualified players become the deputy leader.

What does the deputy leader need to do?

  1. Need to build an independent ConHero community (QQ or WeChat or Discord) with no less than 50 people (Need to pull ConHero League leader into the group, League leader WeChat: Spanda1)

  2. Help users in the group understand ConHero and answer questions, including daily maintenance in the main group;

  3. Help to announce ConHero’s new activities and new introductions, etc.

What rewards can the deputy leader get?

  1. 10 Deputy Leaders will be reviewed every week, and the Deputy Leaders who pass the review can get a Limited Edition HeroNFT;

  2. Every month, the deputy leader who maintains the main group the most active, his/her own community is the most active, and answers the questions of the users in the group will get a Hidden Edition HeroNFT (its value is much higher than Limited Edition)

The total amount of rewards for Limited Edition HeroNFT does not exceed 200, and the total amount for Hidden Edition HeroNFT does not exceed 5.

Discord: ConHero#8098