Co-branded NFT Naming Event: Customizing your exclusive co-branded NFT

Want to have a Unique New Year co-branded NFT? Would you want your 2020 co-branded NFT be more Cool and Collectable? Come to participate in the co-branded NFT naming event, and join the co-branded NFT again to customize your unique 2021 New Year NFT!

:alarm_clock: Time: 10AM, January 5th - 10AM, January 7th UTC

:balloon: Activities:

:one: Users who have gained the co-branded NFT during the New Year event can participate in the co-branded NFT naming event

:two: To participate in the naming event, you need to pay 50 cMOON as sponsorship to the sponsor address

:three: Submit the name in the forum and @MOON (to ensure the visual effect of NFT, the number of title should not exceed 5 words)

:four: After the event ends, the sponsored cMOON will be credited to the MoonSwap burnt address for burning.

Sponsor Address: 0x14A11Ba7738382a55a134acB4e8E1592f871d1A1

So does this mean for 50 cMoon we can change the name of the NFT, like change “Water Dragon” to “Squirty McSquirtface” if we wanted to?

Doesn’t seem to be able to do this…