BiDragon Tribal Chief Recruitment

Tribal Chief Recruitment

The BiDragon game is coming soon. We plan to recruit 10 tribal chiefs to develop the community and collect community feedback and suggestions. All players who meet the requirements can sign up to participate, and 10 players who meet the requirements after review will become tribal chiefs.

Conditions of application:

  1. Have an active community with no less than 50 people (Telegram or wechat);
  2. Have enough free time and be interested in blockchain games.

How to apply to become a tribal chief

  1. Add an official group admin;
  2. Invite an official group admin to join your community;

Responsibilities of tribal chiefs

  1. Help users in the group understand BiDragon and answer daily questions, and assist official personnel in the daily maintenance of the official group;
  2. Help to announce BiDragon’s new activities and new introductions;
  3. Introduce new users to the gameplay and strategies in the game, so that new players can integrate faster;
  4. No behavior or remarks that slander the BiDragon game will be allowed. Once discovered, the title of tribal chief will be cancelled immediately;

Evaluation mechanism for Tribal Chiefs:

BiDragon officials will assess the work of the tribal chiefs every week, and will issue rewards within 3 working days after the assessment ends;
The assessment content includes but is not limited to the above responsibilities. All content that is conducive to the development of the BiDragon community belongs to the assessment category.

The rewards issued include Basic Rewards and Special Contribution Rewards (settled on a weekly basis):

(1) Basic reward: B-level NFT * 1+B-level materials * 1+2000 runestones;
(2) Tribal chiefs who have made outstanding contributions to user invitation, user retention and user activity can receive special contribution awards (selected once a month, tribal chiefs need to submit an application for this);
(3) Special contribution reward: S-level NFT1 +S-level material1+10000 runestones or A-level NFT1+S-level material1+5000 runestones;

How to evaluate tribal chiefs?

(1) Evaluation criteria for basic rewards: Have an independent community of more than 50 people, the name of the group should have the words “BiDragon XXX group”, the atmosphere in the group is good and harmonious, the discussion topic is highly related to BiDragon, and the group owner can answer independently the user’s questions.

(2) Special Contribution Award Evaluation Criteria 1: The own community is highly active and the discussion topic is highly relevant to BiDragon. The tribal chief needs to be active in the BiDragon official group and invite at least 10 people to join the Bidragon official group. In other communities, the tribal chiefs should also promote the BiDragon game. Once the public promotion links reach 20, they can apply for the special contribution award.

(3) Special Contribution Award Evaluation Criteria 2: The self-owned community is highly active, the discussion topic is highly relevant to BiDragon, the monthly answer to user questions reaches more than 100, and the public promotion links reach 10.

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