Apply to add ARTT ACFX Liquidity: ARTT-CFX ACFX-CFX

Apply to add ARTT ACFX Liquidity: ARTT-CFX ACFX-CFX

ARTT: cfx:achgfs1uu8drfvy8ju05grkwgct9pfdckym9pc15dc
ACFX: cfx:acbh1a67t82386g8yu5u895pytx93hbwsyktky4fdd

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Details of ARTT and ACFX are as follows.

Prodoct Name
Artii V2

Product direction

“Artii V2“ is a project which merges DeFi, Metaverse, NFT and AI.

Artii is a decentralized NFT free minting project based on Art-token for permission management. It is an AI-assisted painting-based NFT creative artwork application and is currently the world’s first decentralized commemorative type NFT publishing platform.

Team ARTII is the top image quality AI processing team in China, and has won many awards in relevant fields

Conflux Tree-Graph blockchain is the public chain most likely represent the future direction of blockchain in our view. A blockchain project choosing Conflux as its infrastructure is on the half way to success. (Documents about Conflux is accessible to everyone on the Internet. Specific data and special recommendation are not needed here. Developers who have developed projects on Conflux will probably choose to stay on it, so it is an advantage for Conflux projects.)

Token Name 1


The art-token is a proof of stake demonstrating the level of users’ support to our platform.
Its function is used for the follow-up to open the advanced function of Artii. When using related functions, a certain amount of tokens will be pledged, which has a cooling period and cannot be retrieved during the cooling period.

Distribution method and percentage.
100% obtained from alchemy, no pre-mining, no head mining

Release rate.
It is issued proportionally to the number of CFX in the user’s NFT. The token issuance rate will be updated once every 30 days.
Approximately 20 years to refine

Token Name 2

Mint by CFX POS staking

Acfx is a 1:1 mapping of CFX in Conflux POS pool. Based on ordinary crc20token, ACFX can transfer money freely through various wallets and contracts, and has the following characteristics:

  1. Users who hold ACFX token will be automatically allocate POS interest after holding it. The interest amount is the POS pool income corresponding to the CFX amount, and users can freely charge interest on the ARTII pool page. (whether you convert in the pool or obtain it through transfer, transaction, etc.)
  2. ARTII pool page can also be pledged according to the official logic, and all operation processes are consistent with the official logic When the CFX you pledge is displayed as stacked, you can take it out as ACFX, and one ticket corresponds to 1000ACFX;

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