【Application】Adding LUMI trading pair and liquidity to Moonswap

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Details of LUMI are as follows.

Prodoct Name

Product direction

Tinyversus is an innovative aggregated GameFi. Based on the original DGP protocol, it implements technologies such as additional attribute for any NFT, cross-chain participation, and cross-project attribute inheritance. For the first time, it effectively solves the limitations of NFT games such as the closeness and the multi-chain commonality, and provides a strong technical foundation for metaverse games. In the future, Tinyversus will launch a number of ecological game products based on the DGP protocol to empower various NFT projects, activate on-chain assets and enrich the community ecology.

4 Major Features

  1. Aggregated multi-NFT supportable protocol
    To change the closed situation that existing blockchain games can only play with their own NFTs, Tinyversus proposes open gameplay. By using a protocol that supports multiple NFTs, NFT assets from different public chains and different projects can participate in the same game through the white (black) list mechanism for accessing NFTs, and different attributes are set for each NFT according to the characteristics of the NFT contract. The openness will surely give various NFTs a higher value.
    Tinyversus 1.1 supports the most popular NFTs such as LOOT, XLOOT, PLOOT, etc. It perfectly adapts to LOOT attributes and provides LOOT NFT with game scenes of Tinyversus mining.

  2. NFT attribute growth, cross-project attribute inheritance (DGP protocol)
    Tinyversus specifies a variety of attributes for NFTs, such as level, attribute, breakthrough, and it allows NFTs to inherit core attributes in diverse games via the DGP protocol (DCP decentralized role attribute protocol, DIP decentralized item attribute protocol). Exclusive NFT cultivation elements enhance players’ sense of immersion and belonging and increase the value of NFT assets.

  3. Sophisticated interesting battle contract and positive incentive season system
    Tinyversus has implemented a 100% decentralized multi-attribute battle algorithm. The rich reward pool and generous ladder rewards will generate strong customer stickiness. Various airdrop rewards from cooperative projects can be integrated into the battle. In the follow-up version, there will be more competition pools with different modes, team competitions and more adversarial gameplay, as well as a combination of equipment system (DIP) and skill system, which will bring players a rich and interesting decentralized combat gameplay experience.

  4. NFT + DEFI—Mining while fighting
    By assigning NFT attributes, the protocol calculates a different DEFI mining power for each NFT, which can be increased by leveling, for example. Tinyversus offers several game modes, such as battle mining, defense mining and season ranking rewards. In the future, multiple games in the protocol will be able to inherit NFT attributes simultaneously. Together, they will build a harmonious and unified high-latitude Tinyverse, and provide empowerment and financial services for NFTs on different chains.

Token Name

Conflux Tinyversus:1,000,000
Total amount of the multi-chain and multi-project: 21,000,000

Lumi is the important game point for products related to Tinyversus and Tinyverse. It’s used in scenarios such as upgrading, opening slots, and switching Tinyversus NFT in the game. Other future games in Tinyverse will also adopt Lumi as the core game point.

During the genesis period, 200,000 Lumi will be distributed in the game, 150,000 in the second season, and gradually reduced in the later seasons.

Lumi is a deflationary token used in the game and will all be destroyed. The follow-up activities will continue to distribute Lumi, and the total circulation will not exceed the total amount of Tinyversus tokens.

The tokens are shared by multiple games and will be re-distributed on chains such as Conflux when other games come online later. It is guaranteed that the total circulation amount does not exceed 21 million.

Distribution (Conflux)

Holder Percentage
Game distribution 70%
Tinyverse team and contributors 20%
DAO and Operating activities 10%

All points are gradually distributed with the game activities, and the team does not pre-mine or sell to the public.

The team and DAO shares are manually withdrawn in cycles according to the total circulation. If the total circulation is deflated, the team and DAO cannot withdraw more tokens. This model ensures that the team and DAO do not occupy too much token share under the deflationary token model, thus maintaining the distribution ratio.


I like some of the tokenomics here…great project


Apply to add LUMI Liquidity: LUMI-CFX

Apply to add LUMI Liquidity: LUMI-USDT