[Application] Adding DRG trading pair and liquidity to Moonswap


Apply to add Dragon Token or cDRG/cUSDT trading pair in Moonswap

Project Name
RTK Warriors + Dragon Token

Contract Addresses

on Conflux: cfx:ach9vx5dvzv7vtdnjvgssjk88m9du9brjawty666b1 (symbol cDRG)
on BSC: 0x888c16c4Bb5Db9974Fb7B5EBe8CeB1625Dc1d7eb (symbol DRG)

cDRG initially deployed on BSC, and later shuttleflow-ed into Conflux

Total supply: tokens. Locked in smartcontract address:

RTK Warriors NFT address:



RTK Warriors are NFT collections that generate reward based on its power/rarity. The reward is in Dragon Token. RTK Warriors also a no loss investment, because can be burn to receive 100% its minting cost after 30 days.

RTK Warriors built on top FLUX Protocol, it take the interest from minting cost to mint Dragon Token as reward for NFT holders.

Dragon Token is token with guaranteed buy back price. Because Dragon Token also built on top flux, the interest will ensure the buy back price increasing forever.

Total supply is 5 billion. All is locked within smart contract.

Every 15 minutes, revenue from RTK Warriors smart contract (in cUSDT) will be used to unlock cDRG token (cUSDT will be locked, cDRG will be unlocked). The amount unlocked depend on buyback price set within smart contract.

Dev team will take 5% from unlocked amount
RTK Warriors NFT + future projects holders will take 95% from unlocked amount

Dragon Token dont have presale, IDO or ICO



For inquiry contact us at [email protected]

For logo if needed:

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