【Application】Adding DAN trading pair and liquidity to Moonswap

Apply to add Dan Liquidity: DAN-CFX


(We are sorry about there is only Chinese version at present, but we will add English version if necessary)

Details of Dan are as follows.

Prodoct Name
Alchemy for The Journey to the West

Product direction

“Alchemy for The Journey to the West“ is the first project which merges DeFi, Metaverse, NFT and the Chinese elements in Journey to the West.

1、In the common design of DeFi, each token needs a seperate pool for staking and other operation. As blockchain assets get more various, users are facing more and more complex operations. Many assets of small amount may not have no-loss mining channels and users usually would not like to spend time and energy staking tokens of a small amount. Therefore, we innovated a new rule of Alchemy: users can stake multiple different tokens to the same Furnace to get Jindan. Users will get higher profit with this simple and interesting rule. And we designed a reincarnation mechanism to make Jindan a stablecoin with a sligt rise. The Furnace for different tokens and the reincarnation mechanism is an innovation in the DeFi world.

2、There are very classic comics of the Four Chinese Masterpieces – Dream of Red Mansions, Outlaws of the Marsh, the Three Kingdoms, and Journey to the West. We are planning to make high definition digital versions of them in the form of NFT for collection. Tang Monk and his apprentices got through 81 adversities. It very easy for audience to miss some of the 81, so we will design a series of artworks according to the 81 adversities and issue NFTs to review the memory of classics and carry forward Chinese culture in a new form. We are planning over a thousand pieces of NFTs to structure the Metaverse of the Journey to the West, and there will be interactions with other metaverse projects such as the Classic of Mountains and Rivers, Ancient State, Mini World and Kaka (these projects are under development now).

3、Conflux Tree-Graph blockchain is the public chain most likely represent the future direction of blockchain in our view. A blockchain project choosing Conflux as its infrastructure is on the half way to success. (Documents about Conflux is accessible to everyone on the Internet. Specific data and special recommendation are not needed here. Developers who have developed projects on Conflux will probably choose to stay on it, so it is an advantage for Conflux projects.)

Token Name
Which called the pill of immortality in Chinese fantasy

Conflux Universe:47304000
In “The Journey to the West” world,there is a number of the circle of the Universe, and we use it instead of 2100w。

“Shaped like a pellet, with the same colour as a vermilion orange. It is as big as a pellet and as yellow as an orange, with a sweet taste like honey. It is as sweet as honey. A shaman can obtain it for meditation, and a yellow crown can obtain it for transcendence. It is the best of heaven and earth to examine it.’ The Song of Yuan Shu says: 'You do not see a golden pellet as big as a pellet and as red as an orange. It is as big as a marble or orange. It is not a tangible object, as everyone has it. Lu Gong said: ‘The Returning Elixir has no substance’.”

Distribution method and percentage.
100% obtained from alchemy, no pre-mining, no head mining

Release rate.
13,500 breaths per day for a human, so 13,500 dan per day
Approximately 3504 days to refine, but there is a reincarnation mechanism and it may continue to reincarnate

Deflationary Mechanism (Reincarnation)
1、The cfx in Heavenly Materials will automatically enter the official built-in contract of Conflux to obtain 4.08% annualised interest, which will all be used to buy back the gold pellets, and all the gold pellets bought back will enter the reincarnation.
2、Redeem all the golden pellets of the Western character NFT and enter the reincarnation.
3、Reincarnation: the golden pellets are transformed into aura and reincarnated into heaven and earth. The reincarnation aura is transformed into merit and virtue by taking seven out of a hundred, promoting the Western universe to live and die.

Brief gameplay
1、Pledge the full range of heavenly treasures (Token) and open the furnace to make pills.
2、Issue Westward Journey basic character nft and game level nft.
3、After refining the golden elixir(DAN), you can exchange it for the basic NFT and extract the level NFT.
4、Dan and NFT on the relevant platform.

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