3 Gifts of ConHero are Coming!

In order to thank MoonSwap for the SDK support and marketing support provided by ConHero, ConHero will bring 3 benefits to MoonSwap community users and reach a deeper level of cooperation with MoonSwap.

1.ConHero will airdrop HeroNFTs to 1024 users who hold MoonSwap Genesis NFT (if a single address holds multiple Genesis NFTs, each Genesis NFT will enjoy 1 Limited Edition HeroNFT airdrop)

2.If the address holding the Genesis NFT provides liquidity in MoonSwap, for the top 3 addresses in the total amount of liquidity, each address will be rewarded with a Hidden Edition HeroNFT (Each address can be airdropped at most 1 Hidden Edition HeroNFT, we will take a snapshot of the total liquidity provided at 18:00 on April 6th)

3.Collecting 8 types of HeroNFT can open 1 treasure box and get CFX rewards. What is exciting is that the Genesis NFT issued by MoonSwap can replace any HeroNFT and then open the treasure box, but it should be noted that the Genesis NFT only you can be used once (only verify the number, not be burned).

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